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We are FINALLY back, Ush is back in the states and we are casting again. Now that the Sports world has come to complete standstill, we decided to do a new episode of the PT Sports Debate. On this episode, we start off mentioning the NBA Finals just because it has been that long since a previous episode. Afterwards, we discuss some of the moves in the NBA Free Agency season. Then we go on to the meat and potatoes of this cast, FANTASSSSY FOOTBALLLLL!!!! If you love fantasy football as much as we do, then now is a time to listen to the Debate. We are going to be touching on all of the divisions in football. We are doing actual division previews/predictions here on the blog, and on our podcasts we will be discussing Fantasy Football. Specifically we’ll be identifying some players to watch from each team. This episode we discuss the lovely teams of the NFC East. Check it out, laugh, cry, drink. Hope you enjoy.
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Ush, let’s start with the NFC East, one of the more talked about divisions in the NFL. There is always a lot of hype around the NFC East but lately it has been a battle of mediocrity. Let’s take a look at last season’s standings:
Philly 10-6
Dallas 8-8
NYG 7-9
Washington 3-13

2014 Schedule: NFC West(GIANT RED FLAG!!!!!!!!!! Potential four losses), AFC South
Last year was Chip Kelly’s first year in the NFL, and it was a successful transition for the former Duck. The Eagles will come out even faster this year, in my opinion, now that they are in year two of Chip’s system. Also, Chip is starting to build a team with his guys.
Even though they lost one of their stars in DeSean Jackson, they added some young blood in Matthews and Huff. Also, they made a nice trade acquiring Darren Sproles who should fit perfectly into Chip’s system. A concern for me is the Eagles’ secondary, they really didn’t get better this offseason. I’m not sure if Chip is trying to offset his subpar secondary with a strong front seven that will put a lot of pressure on the QB, but they need to be better this year. Last year they were ranked 32nd against the pass whereas they were a top ten team in rushing and passing offense, and rushing defense.

Dallas had a nice run at 8-8 the last couple of years and now it is time for a rebuild. They have some cap issues and really need to getter better through drafting and developing if they want to return to glory. I don’t know if Jerry will ever have patience for that, but that’s how the old Cowboys dynasty was built and it’s their only chance to get back in the playoffs.
Romo is coming off a back injury and fans are still coming off a disappointing draft that had the world holding its collective breath in anticipation of a potential JFF arrival into Jerry world. Is this a sign of Jerry changing? Nahhhh, he still has his hand up Jason Garrett’s ass as he controls the team from the owner’s box. After being stripped from playcalling duties, I would have just left if I was Garrett. This roster screams 4 wins to me. An already weak defense, suffered a major loss in Sean Lee and I don’t know where the playmaking will come from. Like always Romo will have a lot of pressure on his back, let’s hope it holds up.

New York GIANTS:
The Giants, can anybody figure them out? Everybody thought they were lulling us into their usual trap as a notorious late starter….just make it into the playoffs and then we’ll show up. Eli was the anti-Peyton last year and seemed on a mission to throw 50 interceptions. He ended up throwing 27! But still, he scares the hell out of all opponents in crunch time.
The Giants D should be even better this year, and their offense HAS to be better if they want to make the playoffs. Their O-line was atrocious last season and their running game was non-existent. I expect Eli to have a better year and like the addition of Beckham Jr., Rashad Jennings, and Rodgers-Cromartie. The Giants will surely need their Bye week in week 8 to prepare for a brutal three game schedule of home vs the Colts, @Seattle, and back home for the Niners. Seattle and the Niners in consecutive weeks, the football gods took a nice steamy dump on the city of New Yoooooorrk. Hey, at least they have two titles in the past 10 years.

I love the hire of Gruden, and expect big things from their offense this year. RG3 obviously rushed back from his injury and he should be closer to the 2012 version that ignited the NFL world. He missed a lot of throws in the pocket last year, and it was hard to watch at times. He seems like a perfectionist, so there should be no reason for a repeat of that stinker. They gave up so much to get him in the draft and if he is not playing like an All-Pro they have ZERO chance.
The Redskins didn’t have a draft pick until the second round and they drafted some O-lineman to beef up that line. They really tried to add some defensive playmakers in free agency with Hatcher and Porter, in addition to the big signing of DJax. The Redskins have a formidable receiving corps now, and RG3 has no reason not to succeed. The Bengals offense rolled with Andy Dalton behind center, so I’m expecting the Redskins to be in the top 10 easily this year.
Eagles 10-6*
Redskins 9-7
Giants 6-10
Cowboys 4-12
*Playoff team

Tough pull for the NFC East, playing the NFC West is no easy task. I expect the Eagles to be better this year, even though their record remains the same. 10-6 is no reason to be ashamed. They would be in the driver’s seat again hosting a playoff game in January. What do you see happening in the NFC East this year, Ush?

Stiltz, great start to the NFL previews, and we agree for sure on the NFC East. I think this will almost certainly be an Eagles/Redskins race for the division, and I’m not sure why but as of now I’m going to give the nod to the Redskins here.

I really feel as though this division race can be decided by one or two key injuries for either team. These are especially of concern given the fact that these teams have to face the hard hitting, pain inflicting defenses of the NFC West. I’m giving the nod to the Redskins because of the new hire, and the impact that it will have on RG3. A blind man could see that RG3 and the Shanahan family had issues before, and even though they were able to say the right things in the media most of the time, the weight and impact of that relationship on their quarterback had to be extremely taxing, both on and off the field. Having a supportive and quarterback friendly coach is going to take RG3 to the next level this year. (Adding Desean Jackson doesn’t hurt)

So, this means that I have the Eagles coming in the two spot, but I do think they will compete for the lone wildcard spot left after the NFC West runner-up claims one. I could see it being the Eagles/NFC South runner-up vying for this spot, and it will really depend on Chip’s offense pulling one or two games out against their non conference opponents from the West. I’m still not sold on Chip’s philosophy that his system is greater than the parts, and that he can plug and play whoever into his system and still be successful. I don’t think there are enough playmakers at WR and TE to stress the great defenses they will face, and think that may be where they struggle. **For what it’s worth, I REALLY like the young kid Matthews, but think he needs a year or two before he’s ready to be an impact player against the best defenses in the league**

What is there to say about the Giants? I think their entire season boils down to the OL. If the OL can protect Eli, then Eli doesn’t get happy feet. If Eli doesn’t get happy feet, Eli doesn’t throw 4 picks a game and single-handedly sabotage my FFL work league. With the additions of OBJ and Rashaad Jennings, the Giants offense has plenty of fire power, but they’ll need the horses up front to play well.

I anticipate a fire sale happening in Dallas this year. Their, shall we say generous, defense will be even more so with the loss of Sean Lee to injury, and the departure of DeMarcus Ware to the Broncos, but who knows, maybe some unheralded young guys with massive chips on their shoulder will step in and be the feel good stories of the year leading the Dallas defense. (Don’t hold your breath) The offense will be among the highest producers for points and yards, but that will be mostly because they’re often playing from behind and Romo is throwing it 50 times a game. That’ll be an issue with his surgically repaired back standing back their susceptible to hits. I don’t anticipate the Cowboys approaching .500 this year, and think it’s entirely possible that Jason Garret is gone before the season is over.

Well that’s the NFC East, crazy how this division once dictated success in the league and it sure feels like one of the weaker divisions in the league this year.

Q & A

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Basketball season is over, the World Cup is over, so what now. The 2014 FIBA Basketball World Championships will take place from 30 August – 14 September so that will take us right into Football season and the MLB Playoffs. To keep passing the time, let’s do a Q&A.

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Heat in 6, what was I thinking?! I should have realized the Heat’s failure to make their bench any better since last year would be their downfall against a deep team like the Spurs. Besides the lopsided bench points, Ginobli was his old self during the Finals and Wade was a shell of his former self. It was mainly the Big 1 (LBJ) against the Spurs. I think Miami would have enjoyed seeing any other team come out of the West besides the Spurs. Their passing and defense wore out the old Heat lineup and they just couldn’t maintain the same level of intensity. Miami looked like the old team during the Finals largely in part to their lack of a solid rotation.

Let’s not take anything away from the Spurs, their play was magical and surgical in their 5 game destruction of the back-to-back champs. Like always, all the talk after the Finals was focused on Lebron and the Heat. The Spurs deserve more praise for the way they play and their legacy among all-time great NBA teams. Now the world seems to be holding its breath waiting for Lebron to decide where he will be going next season as it will surely shake up the landscape in the NBA.

The West will be just as tough next season regardless of where Lebron goes, while a new champion may rise from the East. It is remarkable how much power he has on the entire free agency market and there will be a slew of deals once he finally decides where he is taking his talents next year. The one thing stated by Lebron is that he wants a max deal and he deserves every penny.

Since free agency has started my phone has been glued to my hand while I refresh Twitter and check all the sporting websites. It doesn’t help that the US was eliminated from the World Cup and I have zero interest in baseball. Football season needs to start already so we can rid ourselves of this new obsession.

Predictions for Free Agency:
Lebron returns to Cleveland. Why not? People will always measure Lebron’s success by how many championships he has, is it unfair? No, that’s ultimately how every player is truly remembered. You can use the argument that he never had a great supporting cast in his years in Cleveland, and he still carried that team into the Finals (Back when the East was a lot more competitive too). He fixed that by joining two superstars in 2010, and the result was four straight Finals appearances. Did he ever get over leaving his hometown though? I don’t think so. Lebron is an extremely unselfish player, and I’m sure that translates into him being extremely compassionate off the court as well. Lebron bringing a championship back to Cleveland would probably mean more to him than his two rings with the Heat. Whatever he does, he is in control of his destiny.
**UPDATE-Lebron decides to go home! Signing a 2 year deal for 42 mil, setting himself up for an even bigger deal in the future.

Melo smartens up and goes to the Bulls. Melo could play on another year on the Knicks squad with a new offense and a new coach making over 20 million or possibly play in the Finals with the Bulls. If Melo truly cared about winning he may look to go to Chicago. Chicago would have to make some moves by way of a sign and trade with New York most likely, and you know Phil is going to walk away with Taj most likely.
**UPDATE-Melo says In Phil I trust, along with all those dead presidents. Chicago ends up signing Pau Gasol instead.

Bosh joins the Rockets. Bosh is on the clock thanks to the Mavs aggressive move to sign an offer sheet to RFA Chandler Parsons. The Rockets can keep Parsons if they get Bosh to sign first, and he is still waiting to hear from Lebron. Lebron will probably make his decision tomorrow, July 11th, before he heads out to the World Cup final and then the domino effect will occur. Of course if Lebron returns to the Heat, I believe Bosh will rejoin him.
**UPDATE- Bosh signs a max deal to stay with the Heat, giving him 30M more to stay in South Beach and a chance to become the lead dog again.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get some new podcasts out and blogs as the football season is quickly approaching. Honestly Football is really what we care about the most here at the PT Sports Debate and we can’t wait for kickoff. Cheers all,


Another NBA season is coming to a close, but the Spurs/Heat remain the best two teams from their respective divisions. This will be the first rematch in consecutive finals since the Bulls/Jazz, and we all know how that one ended.

Will Miami top the Spurs in consecutive years? The Spurs were on the verge of taking out Miami in Game 6 even while LeBron was posting a triple double. They still needed an untimely miss by the greatest PF of all time, a perfect bounce to Chris Bosh, and the greatest three point shooter of all time just to make it to overtime. This time around the Spurs have homecourt advantage, which I believe works in the Heat’s favor.

It’s hard to imagine the series returning to Miami for Game 3 with the Heat down 2-0.  Eric Spoelstra did a great job this season resting Dwayne Wade, and it has paid dividends in the playoffs. Last year, the season wore out the aging Heat superstar and it effected his play in the playoffs. Wade averaged a career low 15.9 pts/gm in the 2012/2013 playoffs. He’s up to 18.7 pts/gm while shooting 52% and 39% from three! Wade is going to be a huge factor in the series this year. Somebody else who didn’t play so well last year, Manu Ginoboli, has also tapped into the fountain of youth this season.

Last year Manu struggled tremendously in the Finals. The one game he really excelled was Game 5 and the Spurs were in control for the entire game. Manu has been spectacular this postseason; his scoring woes seem to be behind him and making some pretty dimes. This finals has the makings to top last year’s Finals, and that is saying something.

Tony Parker’s Game 1 Winner:

Game 2- Chalmers’ break out game and this ridiculous block

Game 3- 16 3’s from the Spurs

Gary Neal 6/10 from 3p and Danny Green NBA Finals Record 7/9

Game 4-Big Three combine for 85 points in a 109-93 win

Game 5- Mannuuuuuuu

Game 6- LeBron’s triple double and Jesus Shuttlesworth

Game 7- Battier remembers how to shoot 6/8 3p and LeBron goes off as the Spurs dare him to shoot

Last year’s Finals was filled with drama and story lines. So what can we look for this year in this series? Everybody talked about KD and LeBron meeting up in the Finals as the best matchup, but they don’t play a similar style. LeBron Vs Kawhi Leonard is the real deal for matchups! It’s such a fun matchup to watch and they are going to bring it on both ends of the court. Sugar Kay Leonard was the only man brave enough to go right at Ibaka and finish strong. Another interesting story line will be the coaching battle with lineup changes. Both coaches adjusted their starting lineups in the conference finals and look to see more of that as the series develops.

I expect the Heat to come out with: Chalmers, Wade, James, Rashard, and Bosh. With the resurgence of Rashard as a legitimate three point threat, this lineup really spaces the floor. Spurs: Parker, Green, Kawhi, Duncan, Splitter. I can see either Diaw or Ginobli moving into Splitter’s spot on the starting rotation. Something the Spurs didn’t have to worry about last year that much was Chris Bosh shooting threes. He’s already made 25 threes this postseason while shooting at an All Star level of 41%. Bosh dragging out one of the Spurs bigs really opens up lanes for James and Wade to do their thing.

The second units are going to play a major role in this battle and both teams are deep. Norris Cole and Birdman provide a nice spark off the bench. Cole is a great defender and should be up for the challenge in defending Patty Mills. Spo usually always has LeBron or Wade on the court at all times. Wade leads the second unit from around 3 minutes left in the first until around 7 mins left into the 2nd. This will be a make or break stretch for both clubs in building or narrowing leads. The Spurs always have a deep bench since Pop limits the main stars to around 30 mins/game. We know the Spurs will have excellent ball movement, play good defense, and shoot a ton of threes.

The Spurs have a more balanced attack on offense with 5 players averaging double figures: Parker 17.2, Duncan 16.5, Ginobli 14.3, Leonard 13.3, and Diaw 10. The Heat rely a lot more on the big three’s scoring as they are the only ones averaging double figures: LeBron 27.1, Wade 18.7, Bosh 15.2 with Ray Allen coming in at 9.1.

Everything points to this series being another classic, and we don’t expect anything less. The Spurs have been poetic at times with their ball movement. It has been fun to watch, but they have also been blown out twice by a younger more explosive Thunder team. The Heat are always fun to watch, and when they are locked in on defense are next to impossible to beat. Will the Heat three peat? Or will Pop and Timmay’s Spurs get their 5th title in 15 years?

I wouldn’t be surprised with either team winning, of course. We thought last year was the Spurs last hurrah but they continue to defy time by reloading with the proper players for their system and ageless super stars. On the other hand, the Heat have tried their best to fill their lineup with enough solid role players for their Big 3 and it’s paid off with 4 straight Finals appearances. They took some gambles this year that haven’t paid off with Beasley and Oden, but they still have enough shooting to supplant their free agency whiffs.

My prediction: The Heat in 6.

The Heat steal game 1, Spurs win game 2, the Heat hold down home court in games 3 and 4, Spurs fight off elimination in game 5, and the Heat win in front of their home court in Game 6.

LeBron wins his third straight Finals MVP. It’s worth noting that this is LeBron and Wade’s 5th finals appearance in their 11 years in the league. They have a chance to make it .500 by getting back to the Finals next year, and that will be too good for LeBron to go anywhere else.

Whatever happens, I know what I’ll be watching this Thursday.


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