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PT Sports Debate is back with our Week 2 predictions and fantasy football advice. Our week 1 episode had some technical difficulties, sorry we are a week behind. Check us out! Email us at Twitter @PTSportsDebate Enjoy!


Stiltz & Ush

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We are FINALLY back, Ush is back in the states and we are casting again. Now that the Sports world has come to complete standstill, we decided to do a new episode of the PT Sports Debate. On this episode, we start off mentioning the NBA Finals just because it has been that long since a previous episode. Afterwards, we discuss some of the moves in the NBA Free Agency season. Then we go on to the meat and potatoes of this cast, FANTASSSSY FOOTBALLLLL!!!! If you love fantasy football as much as we do, then now is a time to listen to the Debate. We are going to be touching on all of the divisions in football. We are doing actual division previews/predictions here on the blog, and on our podcasts we will be discussing Fantasy Football. Specifically we’ll be identifying some players to watch from each team. This episode we discuss the lovely teams of the NFC East. Check it out, laugh, cry, drink. Hope you enjoy.
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So, last week Stiltz went 10-5, and I went 9-6. Pretty respectable for both. This week we differ on A LOT of picks. We shall see what happens. Picks to be discussed in tomorrow’s podcast.

Stiltz Picks:

Buffalo over Miami
Denver over Houston
Chiefs over Colts
Browns over Jets
Rams over Bucs
Bengals over Vikes
Panthers over Saints
Redskins over Cowboys
Titans over Jags
Pack over Pittsburgh
Seahawks over Cards
Chargers over Raiders
Ravens over Pats
Lions over Giants
Eagles over Bears
49ers over Falcons
Fantasy Sleepers:
Pitta, Earl Bennett, Cordarelle
High Scorer:
Ush’s Picks:
Miami over Buffalo
Denver over Houston
Colts over Chiefs
Browns over Jets
Rams over Bucs
Vikes over Bengals
Saints over Panthers
Cowboys over Redskins
Titans over Jags
Pittsburgh (if no A-Rod) over Pack
Seahawks over Arizona
Chargers over Raiders
Pats over Ravens
Lions over Giants
Bears over Eagles
49ers over Falcons
Fantasy Sleepers:
High Scorer:
Zack Stacy
Catch our analysis on tomorrow’s podcast

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Welcome to the PT Sports Debate blog, everybody. My name is Randall, and I will be one of the hosts. We are hoping to record our first podcast later today. Mike and I are really excited to get this project started and we hope to receive some feedback from our listeners. This will be our first attempt at podcasting, so there may be some growing pains involved. Quick background on us: I’m from the East Coast (Jersey) while Mike is from the West Coast (Cali). We used to work together but didn’t really become friends until our deployment to Afghanistan. We’re big sports fanatics and love to talk sports with anybody. Mike is the resident expert on all things Cali: USC, Lakers, Dodgers, Chargers. I’m a huge Packers fan, and a basketball junkie. We also just started a twitter @PTSportsDebate so feel free to ask us any questions there and topics you’d like us to talk about. We appreciate you guys taking the time to check out the blog/podcast and hopefully you enjoy it. This first podcast will be NFL based: picks from last week and this upcoming week. Also, some playoff forecast and fantasy football talk. As always, support the troops people!

Randall aka Stiltz
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