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On the 7th Episode of the PT Sports Debate Stiltz and Ush talk about all sorts of things ranging from the Grammys to the State of the Union. During this episode, we also talk about the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl (Prop Bets, Predictions, MVP, Matchups), and everything in between. This is our longest podcast yet, lasting about 50 minutes so we hope you enjoy and somehow make it to the end. Thanks for listening everybody, cheers!

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Somebody help Tom Brady out! For a man who is married to a Supermodel and has three rings you’d think he’d be the first one to get some high five action on the sideline. Oh wait….that’s probably why.

…and earlier this year

If only Tom Brady could reach out and high five himself in these gifs.

Maybe he should take a page out of Barney Stinson’s book, he’ll never be left hanging again.