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Here we go from Kansas City, let’s see if the Colts can come out swinging. This couldn’t be a worse matchup for the Colts  in my opinion . Once the Chiefs get a lead they are hard to come back on. Great defense and special teams, plus a running game that wears out a defense. On top of that, the Colts have been terrible in first halves this season and are constantly playing from behind. I wouldn’t be surprised if this game was over by halftime.

First possession for the Colts results in a three and out, thanks to a stingy Chiefs D on 3rd and 1. McCluster with a nice punt return. Chiefs are moving the ball with ease. Jamaal Charles with a beautiful run for the touchdown, wow! 7-0 Chiefs

Colts with another three and out. Luck’s pump fake looks a lot like Big Ben’s, you think it’s almost impossible for them to maintain control of the ball. The Colts don’t really take any chances on offense. It wouldn’t be a big deal if they were able to move the ball with their running game, but that’s not the case. McCluster able to recover the muffed punt, the Colts could have used that.  The Colts D was able to tighten up and force a three and out against the Chiefs. TRich sighting on the Colts third possession of the game. Colts deciding to go with the no huddle and are able to pick up their FIRST first down of the game.

The Colts are are slowly making their way down the field. A horse collar penalty keeps the Colts drive alive on third down. TRich has been hit behind the line of scrimmage on every single one of his attempts so far. Luck nearly intercepted on the 1 yd line by Flowers. Colts settle for the FG, but he pulls it left. 7-0 Chiefs

Couple of uneventful possessions in a row. Griff Whalen, WR for the Colts, refusing to go down. I like the way he’s playing out there. Whalen again making things happen after the catch. Dan Dierdoff is atrocious and I hate listening to his games. There are hundreds of retired players/coaches but very few broadcasters that are bearable to listen to. How is that possible? The Colts finally get on the board with a FG. 7-3 Chiefs

The Chiefs cough up the first turnover of the game, and the Colts capitalize on a long td by Brown off a check down. 10-7 Colts. The Chiefs offense hasn’t done much since the first possession. The Colts able to get a FG off their next possession and push their lead up to 6, 13-7 Colts. The Chiefs are finally able to get the ball done the field right before halftime, but miss a fg. Halftime: 13-7 Colts

The Chiefs pass rush has been non-existent during this game and it’s not what you’d like to see from the Chiefs defense right before the playoffs. If the Chiefs don’t get their pass rush going in the second half, Luck will pick them apart. The Colts have done a good job taking care of the ball, against a Chiefs team that has thrived off turnovers all year. It should be a good second half in KC.

Second half starts well for the Chiefs with a long return by Davis. Robert Mathis forcing a popup ball which is picked off by the Colts. The Colts again making things happen off turnovers, Donald Brown shedding tacklers on the way to a touchdown. 20-7 Colts. This is when Chiefs fans should start to worry. The Chiefs have a hard time coming back against anybody once they’re down by over 10. Let’s see how the Chiefs handle this, maybe they can get the crowd back into this.

Chiefs aren’t able to get anything going and go three and out. The Colts D must smell blood, Bethae has made two enormous hits today on Bowe/Charles. The Chiefs defense really needs to get a turnover to spark this offense/crowd back up.

Trent Richardson must have some sort of record of getting hit behind the line of scrimmage. He does not look explosive at all. A lot of fantasy football owners nodding their heads in agreement to that one. Defensive holding penalty gives the Colts a fresh set of downs. TRich again getting blown up at the line of scrimmage. Between the turnovers and penalties the Chiefs are beating themselves today. The Chiefs still aren’t getting any pressure on Luck, and the drive ends with an incompletion….OR does it, Poe with a taunting penalty to give the Colts 15 yards and a first down. Wow, Reid is laying into Poe as he makes his way off the field. Luckily, Reid’s mustache provides a nice spit flap to keep the damage at a minimum.

The Colts continue to drive down the field and even TRich is getting some yards now. Colts are burning a ton of time off the clock with this drive which can be described as sloppy as best. Brown finally put back into the game and he gets a nice 5 yard carry. Chiefs hoping to hold them to a FG here. Big third down, D Johnson is going to think a lot about this play later. Luck almost threw a pick six to Johnson just now on a little screen to TRich. Colts with a FG to stretch the lead out to 16! 23-7 Colts.

Davis with another big return, the Chiefs need to score quickly.  Let’s see if they are willing to take some shots down the field. If Charles wasn’t tripped up on the 2nd down screen attempt he had a ton of daylight. Third down the Chiefs need to make something happen. Play action, Colts blow it up and get the sack. The fans aren’t happy the Chiefs are lining up to punt. The question with Smith is can he lead his team back from a large deficit, and the answer continues to be NO. This is only a two score game, and a long drive here by the Colts would certainly put it out of reach.

End of the third quarter and it’s 23-7 Colts. Let’s take a quick look at who the Chiefs/Broncos have actually beat this season.  The AFC West ended up having a nice draw with the AFC South/NFC East as the two conferences. Both the Chiefs/Broncos swept the NFC East. The Broncos lost games to the Colts, Patriots, and Chargers. The Chiefs have lost to the Broncos twice, and the Chargers. Neither team beat anybody worth writing home about.

Back to the game, the Colts bringing TRich out for a 3rd and 1 attempt. Of course, he doesn’t get it. I couldn’t think of a worse person to bring out on a third and 1 attempt with how his season has played out. The Chiefs start off their drive with a huge run by Alex Smith. The Chiefs still have a ton of time in this game giving them their opportunity to run the ball which they continue to do. The Chiefs have a nice drive going, and Smith throws a terribly under thrown ball to Fasano. Colts with the interception in the endzone. That’ll do it for the Chiefs comeback.

Whalen continues to make plays after the catch for the Colts. Not only is he picking up first downs but he is staying in bounds and the clock is just melting away. Chiefs able to get a stop, Chiefs really need to get a quick score here if they want to have a chance at winning this game. Chiefs slowly moving the ball down the field, but the drive ends after Smith’s third turnover. Smith’s fumble marks the end of this one. Thanks for coming by during this game. It looks like Ush chose wisely with the Colts. Disregard everything I said about this matchup!