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Andrew Luck has done it again. He overcame 3 picks today to throw for 443 yards and 4 TDs, saving  Stiltz and I who picked the Colts as legitimate Super Bowl contenders and broadcasting to the world to jump on the Colts at 25-1 Super Bowl odds.

From our pretenders/contenders blog

Stiltz– “Last year they won all the close ones, this year they find ways to come back. They can be dominant on both sides of the ball and I love me some Andrew the giant. Sneaky AFC champ pick here”

Ush-¬†“The Colts might be a surprising pick here, but this is how much I love Andrew Luck. Their defense is underrated, and with the emergence of Donald Brown they have been able to maintain a level of balance that helps Luck dominate. This is my pick for that lower seed to make a super bowl run.

Don’t get on me too hard about the underrated defense, Alex Smith played great today, and that defense sure was laying the hat today. Just good enough.

On another note, Stiltz is on his way to the Green Bay vs Niners game this weekend. This looks like just about my nightmare, as a Chargers fan I would take a warm barstool over watching a game outdoors in that shit any day.


What a start to Wild Card weekend