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Below is the 4th episode of the PT Sports Debate podcast. My apologies on the fact that it is only on the Wild Card recap, we had some computer issues and the second half of the podcast(Divisional round predictions) was never recorded. Hope you guys enjoy the first half at least, and we’ll throw in our divisional round predictions as well.

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Divisional Round

Stiltz (3-1 in the playoffs)

Saturday Games:

Saints over Seahawks

I like the upset this week in Seattle. New Orleans is going to be playing with a lot of confidence after going up to Philly and shutting down that high powered offense. I think the Saints D is going to have another great game, partly because Seattle has had offensive line issues this season. Also, because Seattle really doesn’t have a ton of playmakers on offense. The X factor in this game has to be Percy Harvin, if he can play and do anything Harvinlike in this game the Saints would be in a lot of trouble. Drew Brees didn’t have a great game last week, he needs to play a clean game this week in order for the Saints to win. That means that they need to get that running game GOINGGGG!! Mark Ingram, Robinson, Sproles, and Pierre Thomas(If he plays) need to have another strong day on the ground. For as good as Seattle’s D has been this season, teams have been able to run up the middle on them.  Seattle hasn’t been playing their best ball as of late and they have looked vulnerable up there in Seattle, for once in a loooong time. New Orleans is going to get their revenge from that 31-7 drubbing and playoff loss from a 7-9 Seahawks team led by one Matthew Hasselback!

Colts over Pats

What? He is picking another underdog. The quick response is WHY THE HELL NOT?! It is now basketball season in my house due to the Pack being eliminated and I’m riding the Colts train to the Super Bowl. After that improbable comeback last week in Indy, I don’t know how you can bet against the Colts. They are playing their best football at the end of the year, Andrew the Giant is never phased and the Pats are beatable at home. Let’s face it, this is Tom Brady’s worst season statistically in a loong time. Before you say it’s because he doesn’t have insert WR/TE name here, Brady has put up big numbers without the marquee names at wideout for most of his career. Their offense just doesn’t look that great this year, and if Mathis can be a factor in this game the Pats will fall. Colts are a big underdog and I haven’t heard of many people picking the Colts, I just like this team’s resolve. I think Donald Brown and dare I say it, TRICH!, will have a nice game running the ball on a Pats defense that really can’t stop the run. Pep Hamilton sure as hell would love to run the ball the entire game, and dominate that Time of Possession. I think the Colts will go up to Foxboro this weekend, and make a lot of people believers in this team. One last note, be ready to hear a ridiculous amount of coverage on Luck if this does happen.

Sunday Games:

Niners over Panthers

Another road team? The insanity I tell you. I just watched this Niners team, live, go up to Lambeau and play in the coldest conditions I have ever experienced. They are a tough football team who wants to get back to the Super Bowl. I think they are hungrier than this Carolina team, who have little to no playoff experience. Jim Harbaugh is one of the top three coaches in all of football in my opinion, and I really don’t trust Ron Rivera. Cam Newton has not looked good towards the end of the season, almost like his play in the beginning of the year. Their offense is also lacking a lot of playmakers, the 49ers aren’t going to be worried about too many other guys besides #1. This is going to be a defensive struggle, but I think the Niners will have the better game plan. The X factor will be Michael Crabtree, who wasn’t in this last meeting when the Panthers won in a barn burner 10-9. Crabtree and Kap just have a nice chemistry and makes their offense watchable. Just having Crab out there will open up other wideouts and Vernon Davis. In this scenario, the Niners would then go on to host the NFC Championship against the Saints in what would be the last ever game played at Candlestick park. It would also be a rematch of a 2012 playoff classic!

Before I type it, would you be surprised at this point if I picked another ROOOAAADD DAWWWWGGGG. Warriors come out to play!!!

Chargers over Broncos

I don’t even know why the Broncos play for home field advantage when their style is clearly better suited in warm/dome weather. If you look at all of the games from last weekend, the only high scoring affair was the Colts/Chiefs which occurred indoors. People were saying the Saints/Eagles game was going to produce over 1,000 yards of offense and a ton of points….well it didn’t. This is playoff football, and it is freaking cold outside last time I checked. If it’s cold for a 29 year old who has zero surgeries, I wonder how cold and bothered #18 will be out there after being in the league for over 15 years and having multiple surgeries. I don’t like Peyton in this game, last year his numbers were pedestrian at best. He threw a couple of picks, the Broncos had two Special Teams touchdowns, and he couldn’t seal the game for the team. Granted, they still should have won against the Ravens this Broncos defense is a lot worse than last year’s team. The Chargers have a good offense, and that running game just owned the number 3 Defense in the league in Cincy. You think they are worried about one of the worst run defenses in the league stopping their three headed backfield of Matthews, Brown and Woodhead. I think Mccoy will rely heavily on the run game, and Philip Rivers will put up better number than Peyton. The Chargers winning would wrap up another wild weekend in the NFL, with all four road teams winning. Hey people, the only home team that one last week was the Colts and we all know how that game played out.

Super Bowl prediction right now:

NINERS over Colts

In my scenario, I think the Niners and Colts would advance on to the Super Bowl to battle in out in Jersey. I love the Niners in this matchup in a duel between Andrewson and his Mr. Miyagi(Harbaugh). I really think the Niners are the hottest team in football, one of the best coached teams and most importantly one of the deepest teams in the league. Aldon Smith is back playing like himself, they have all those studs at LB, healthy at the right time and ready to get that 6th Lombardi.

USH (3-1 in the playoffs)

Seahawks over Saints

With the potential of HEAVY rains in Seattle Saturday, I’m taking the home team. The weather will affect Drew Brees, and although the running game for the Saints has been much improved the last few weeks, I think that the Seattle defense will be able to contain it without the threat that the NO passing game brings in a good weather game. I also think that the Eagles laid the blueprint for containing Jimmy Graham which is to be physical with him early and often. They hit him every chance they could, and it affected him to the tune of only 3 catches for 44 yards. I think that the Seahawks follow the same mold, and lean on beast mode and Russell Wilson’s legs to bring BIG BALLS PETE a chance to host the NFC Championship game.

Pats over Colts

I know we have been pumping up Lord Andrew over and over, and there is no doubt that he can go to Foxboro and get the W. At the end of the day however, I think Aqib Talib matches up on TY Hilton, and Belicheck decides to make the Indy running game beat them. Will I be shocked if Luck gets it done? Not at all, I just don’t think his team is quite good enough to go into New England and beat the Pats. This Pats team is not the Chiefs, and if the Colts start slow like they did last week, the home crowd and multitude of Chiefs errors will not be there to bail them out this week.

Niners over Panthers

Hopefully this game isn’t the snooze fest that the game a couple of weeks ago was. Both defenses are sick, and specifically the linebacking play in this game will be something to see. I see Cam and Kaep as similar QBs in their ability to take over games, I think that Kaep’s weapons are worlds better than Cam’s though. Now that Crabtree is back and Boldin can go back to being the complimentary zone killer that he has made his career on, the 49ers offense is picking up steam. I don’t see Cam’s supporting cast providing enough help to make that the case.

Broncos over Chargers

This one hurts me to say, and I have never hoped to be more wrong on a pick, but I don’t think my Bolts get it done in Denver for the second time in a month. The Bolts won their previous trip here by controlling the ball with a punishing ground game, and keeping the ball out of Peyton’s hands. This is clearly the ticket if they are going to try and pull off the upset again, but I think that Denver will make adjustments based on that previous matchup. For that reason, I think that if the Charger’s are able to pass to set up the run, and get pressure on Peyton early to get his footwork off, they can get it done. I just don’t think it happens. If the Bolts win, I will pick them the rest of the way, hopefully to the tune of my 40-1 Vegas odds I played when the playoffs started.

ATS Picks 15-4-2 last 4 weeks

Colts +8

Chargers +10


Andrew Luck has done it again. He overcame 3 picks today to throw for 443 yards and 4 TDs, saving  Stiltz and I who picked the Colts as legitimate Super Bowl contenders and broadcasting to the world to jump on the Colts at 25-1 Super Bowl odds.

From our pretenders/contenders blog

Stiltz– “Last year they won all the close ones, this year they find ways to come back. They can be dominant on both sides of the ball and I love me some Andrew the giant. Sneaky AFC champ pick here”

Ush- “The Colts might be a surprising pick here, but this is how much I love Andrew Luck. Their defense is underrated, and with the emergence of Donald Brown they have been able to maintain a level of balance that helps Luck dominate. This is my pick for that lower seed to make a super bowl run.

Don’t get on me too hard about the underrated defense, Alex Smith played great today, and that defense sure was laying the hat today. Just good enough.

On another note, Stiltz is on his way to the Green Bay vs Niners game this weekend. This looks like just about my nightmare, as a Chargers fan I would take a warm barstool over watching a game outdoors in that shit any day.


What a start to Wild Card weekend

Jameis Winston

Alright so here is the BCS bowl lineup for this year:
Rose Bowl- Michigan St vs Stanford
Fiesta Bowl- Baylor vs UCF
Sugar Bowl- Alabama vs Oklahoma
Orange Bowl- Clemson vs Ohio St
Natty- Florida St vs Auburn

To me, the two intriguing match ups are the Rose Bowl game between Stanford and Michigan St, and the Fiesta Bowl between Baylor and UCF. I can see the Clemson/Ohio St game being entertaining, but I tend to lean more toward Ohio St winning going away. I honestly thought they had the best chance of knocking off Florida St, outside of Alabama.

The matchup between Stanford and Michigan St is a classic, old school, smash mouth matchup. Both teams hang their hats in the trenches, with offenses that start with punishing ground games and game managing quarterbacks, combined with physical, hard hitting defenses. Both teams boast a workhorse RB that has over 1300 yards on the year, and passing games that average 202 ypg. I think the difference here tilts in Stanford’s favor in two places. I think Stanford has one of the truly elite defensive front sevens in all of football. MSU hasn’t faced a front seven this punishing and physical. Also, I think that Stanford’s change of pace backs and playmakers on the perimeter will make a play or two that changes the game.

Stanford swarming to the ball

The next matchup between Baylor’s NCAA leading offense and the UCF Knights, the BCS debut for both schools. This is intriguing because on paper, Baylor’s high powered offense should run UCF off the field, however with the attention that Blake Bortles is getting as a potential top-10 NFL draft pick, you have to think that he will be able to keep UCF in the game. This will be a big test for him and I think he will rise to the challenge. Also, it’s possible he has the hottest gf in the NCAA cheering him on so even if his performance falls flat, I’m sure he will be ok.

Recruits are transferring to UCF at the moment

What are your thoughts on the upcoming match ups?


I love the Rose Bowl matchup this year, it should be an instant classic. If you love old school hard nosed football this is your game. It should be a low scoring affair in Pasadena and I’m leaning towards Michigan State to win this game. I think their season has been off the radar for the most part due to an early loss at Notre Dame. That turned out to be their only blemish of the year. It also turned out to be their only close game of the year as they have won all of their games by an average of 18 points.
The strength of schedule advantage goes to Stanford, as they have played the cream of the crop over in a strong PAC-12 conference this year; whereas Michigan St has only played three ranked opponents(Michigan,Ohio St,Notre Dame) in a weak B1G conference. Both schools have great coaching, Stanford has the edge running the ball and I think it’s a tie throwing the ball. You won’t find a closer matchup this BCS bowl season, it should be a fun one. My final score prediction is Michigan State 16 Stanford 13. If all you care about is scoring, then you should probably turn your attention towards the Fiesta/Orange bowls.
For everything that the Rose Bowl will be, the Fiesta Bowl is its polar opposite. It is going to be a shootout, anybody remember the game Baylor and Washington had a couple of years ago in the Alamo Bowl?? This game has all the makings of another high scoring matchup, except this one is in a BCS bowl. Baylor has that high powered offense led by Petty but the Knights have one of the top NFL prospects in next year’s draft, Bortles. People always sleep on the American conference, formerly Big East, when it comes to BCS bowl games. The last two years should have changed that, West Virginia 70 Clemson 33 2012 and Louisville 33 Florida 23 2013.
The Sugar Bowl was Terry Bridgewater’s coming out party last year and I expect Bortles to surprise a lot of people this year as he torches that Baylor defense. You know I love those underdogs, and look no farther than the UCF Knights one of the surprise teams of the year. I like the Knights to win this Videogame matchup 56-52.


Other predictions: Urban Meyer in BCS bowl games, how can you bet against the guy? He is too good of a coach and I expect Ohio St to crush Clemson 45-24. Another great coach who always wins big games is Nick Saban. I expect Alabama to come out and make a huge statement to the rest of the NCAA that they should have been playing for another national title, Alabama 34 Oklahoma 10.
Let’s talk about the SHIP, Ush. Who do you like in this game and why?
I’m with you on the other two games, and in the ship I am going with Jameis Christ. It’s really quite staggering what Florida State has done this year. With the exception of Boston College, they have blown out EVERYONE. It’s hard for me because given the way that Auburn has gotten into the natty, its hard to not believe that they are a team of destiny. Unfortunately for them, they are playing a fast, athletic defense that swarms to the ball. I think their speed and physicality will negate the Auburn running game, and I don’t think they can keep it close without their running game being a big factor.

Who you got?
Yeah I was really hoping to see Florida State vs Alabama, because I thought it would be a better matchup. I’m taking Florida State as well, I just think they have the best defense and one of the top offenses in the country. They have a great coaching staff, Stoops really has that defense running on all cylinders. I think the coaching staff will have them ready to roll come January 6th. You’re right, Auburn has been in some crazy finishes this year and luck has been on their side. I think their luck runs on out on Monday and Florida State cruises to it’s first title since 1999. It’s going to be nice next year when we get to watch the 4-team College Football playoff, “can’t wait!”-Bart Scott Voice Enjoy the bowl games, and Happy New Year everybody.

Nice compilation of some of the biggest sports plays from 2013, enjoy!

Flacco after signing his 100 million dollar contract

Flacco after signing his 100 million dollar contract

We all know the value placed on the Quarterback in today’s league, however are they actually worth shelling over 100 million dollar contracts. You don’t win the Super Bowl by being good on one side of the ball. Only complete teams can take home the ultimate prize and with a salary cap of $120 million some teams are giving about 17% to their QB position alone. Now franchise quarterbacks will get you in the playoffs consistently, but that also keeps your draft stock towards the bottom of the first round as well. That means you have to be really lucky drafting the right personnel in order to eliminate possible deficiencies. Also if your franchise Quarterback happens to get hurt(this is football people), your team is suddenly the worst in the division **wink wink Green Bay**.

Packers fans watching their season coming crashing down

If you take a look at Super Bowl champions the past few years, there is usually a Quarterback who is playing above his contract. Here are the list of Super Bowl winning QBs the past 10 seasons, only 7 names! All of these Quarterbacks listed weren’t getting SUPERSTAR money, but they were playing at a superstar level.


*Eli Manning X 2 (’07,’11)* SIGNED AN EXTENSION IN 2009

*Big Ben X 2 (’05,’08)* SIGNED AN EXTENSION IN 2008


*Drew Brees (’09)* SIGNED NEW MEGA CONTRACT IN 2012


*Joe Flacco (=9112)* SIGNED NEW MEGA CONTRACT IN 2013

Now let’s take a look at the highest paid QBs in the league.  You’ll be surprised by the names on this list and how all of these guys are getting paid more than Tom Brady.

*Aaron Rodgers $22 million/year (5 years/110 mil signed 2013)

*Joe Flacco $20.1 million/year (6 years/ 120 mil signed 2013)

*Drew Brees  $20 million/year (5 years/100 mil signed 2012)

*Peyton Manning $19.2 million/year (5 year/96 mil signed 2012)

Tony Romo $18 million/year (6 years/108 mil signed in 2013)

*Eli Manning $16.25 million/year (extension in 2009 6 years $97.5 million)

Philip Rivers $15.5 million/year (extension in 2012 4 years $93 million)

Matt Schaub $15.4 million/year (extension in 2012 4 years $62 million)

Mark Sanchez $13.5 million/year (extension in 2012 3 years $40.5 million)

Sam Bradford $13 million/year (6 years $78 million signed in 2010)

*Big Ben $12.75 million/year (extension in 2008 8 years $102 million)

Matthew Stafford $12.25 million/year (6 years $73.5 million signed in 2009)

*Tom Brady $11.4 million/year (5 years $57 million extension in 2013)

*Denotes Super Bowl winning QB

Pretty remarkable, right? Tom Brady is one of the only QBs deserving of $20 million/year, but instead restructures his contract to keep his team competitive. How is he rewarded? Welker doesn’t get resigned and he’s left with a group of misfits on Offense. However the point is Brady gets it, unlike most of these other Quaterbacks who are just out for a payday regardless of the negative effects on the team in the long run. Specifically, Peyton Manning signed the biggest deal of his career following major neck surgeries. I get that he was the most coveted free agent of all time, but it really limits your team’s ability to improve anywhere else.

Manning is aware of all the critics and haters, so why wouldn’t his main goal be to win more Super Bowls. By taking on a boatload of a contract, Manning showed that he is just out there for himself. He is already making a ton of money off of sponsors: Papa Johns, Direct TV, Buick?? Peyton Manning, one of the best commercial athletes, doesn’t need the money. As a result, this Denver team isn’t making the Super Bowl. They have a nice offense but aren’t going to be stopping anybody on defense. I think they’ll get eliminated in the divisional round…..again. “At least he got all those records”-Peyton supporters

The NOODLE! Look away Broncos Fans

The biggest contract up there without a Super Bowl ring on his resume is Tony Romo. He just signed a 6 year extension for over 100 million, which would mean he is going to be 39 at the end of the deal. He is about to have back surgery and is notorious for late season/game collapses. The Cowboys defense was abysmal this season and they could use all the help they can get. They do have the benefit of being the richest franchise in the NFL but are limited thanks to Jerry Jones, GM/Owner/Wannabe Head Coach/Motivational Speaker/Narcissist/Living in the Past/Visionary/Puppet Master/Forever in debt to the Vikings and Herschel Walker/More importantly indebted for life to Jimmy Johnson/Jimmy Johnson Fan/Still Misses Jimmy Johnson/The guy who fired Tom Landry/Mr. Ego/71 Year old Man but I used to play football at the college level/Did you hear I played football once, I was a RB & Offensive lineman in my day…….Jerry Jones everybody!


If we follow this trend, then we have a lot of intriguing Super Bowl picks based off of this theory. In the AFC: Cincy- Even though we have talked about how much we are against Dalton leading this team to the Super Bowl, they are stacked on both sides of the ball and special teams. If Dalton were to somehow get hot ala Flacco last year, this team could cruise to the Super Bowl. Indy- Andrew Luck is on the 2nd year of his rookie deal and big paydays are in his future, but this team fits the mold of recent champs.  NE-Brady’s modest salary allows the team a lot of flexibility, and they find ways to get it done. They went to the Super Bowl with the worst ranked defense! KC- Alex Smith’s new deal is nothing special, but I don’t think he is a Quarterback who will ever got hot unless he gets in a time machine and trades spots with Aaron Rodgers the night of the draft and sweated out that first round on National Television.

Birth of Aaron Rodgers, Photobomber extraordinaire

In the NFC there are four teams as well: Seattle/San Fran- For the same reasons as Indy, but both teams have way better defenses and running games. Russell Wilson is in his rookie deal and I’m sure he’ll have a nice payday eventually.  This theory really suits Seattle and San Francisco the most, if either of them win the Super Bowl it has a lot to do with their ability to build a complete roster without being constrained by a major QB contract. Philly-Nick Foles, rookie deal. Carolina- Cam is another player on his way to getting a big deal, especially if he makes a run during the Playoffs(SO WIN NOW).

Let’s look at the franchise QBs in the playoffs- Manning, Brady, Brees, Rivers, Rodgers

Manning- Discussed above- see defense

Brady- Discussed above, like their chances of getting to another Super Bowl in a wide open AFC.

Brees- A team that is good on both sides of the ball, the only problem is they let home-field advantage slip away. Terrible road team and Brees has never won a playoff game on the road.

Rivers- Questionable defense and its pretty unrealistic they make it to the Super Bowl and win. I guess crazier things have happened.

Rodgers- A team that relies on drafting and developing players. They have a lot of holes in their defense, the addition of a running game makes this Packers team different than the past few years. They could get hot like 2010, and if they continue causing turnovers could end up in the Super Bowl totally defunking all of this time I spent writing this. **OF COURSE I’M ALL FOR THIS ONE ACTUALLY HAPPENING, HELLLLLOOOO***

How can you blame these players for wanting to get paid as much as possible anyway? The Owners are the ones making all the money, but refuse to hash it out accordingly(like smart businessmen). These huge Quarterback contracts aren’t good for the league and I’m sure they cause some tension in the locker room amongst players. Maybe these issues will be worked out during the next strike/CBA. In the meantime, we’ll continue to enjoy high scoring games and coming up with theories on Super Bowl contenders.

Randall “Stiltz”


Listen to the third episode of the PT Sports Debate with Stiltz and Ush

On the 3rd episode of the PT Sports Debate we are talking about the Wildcard round of the NFL Playoffs. We make our predictions, Ush has some ATS bets and we’ll briefly talk about Black Monday. As always, follow us on Twitter @PTSportsDebate, keep reading the blog and  tell your friends! Spread the love people!

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