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Posted: December 18, 2013 in Fantasy Football, NBA, NFL, Sports
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Welcome to the PT Sports Debate blog, everybody. My name is Randall, and I will be one of the hosts. We are hoping to record our first podcast later today. Mike and I are really excited to get this project started and we hope to receive some feedback from our listeners. This will be our first attempt at podcasting, so there may be some growing pains involved. Quick background on us: I’m from the East Coast (Jersey) while Mike is from the West Coast (Cali). We used to work together but didn’t really become friends until our deployment to Afghanistan. We’re big sports fanatics and love to talk sports with anybody. Mike is the resident expert on all things Cali: USC, Lakers, Dodgers, Chargers. I’m a huge Packers fan, and a basketball junkie. We also just started a twitter @PTSportsDebate so feel free to ask us any questions there and topics you’d like us to talk about. We appreciate you guys taking the time to check out the blog/podcast and hopefully you enjoy it. This first podcast will be NFL based: picks from last week and this upcoming week. Also, some playoff forecast and fantasy football talk. As always, support the troops people!

Randall aka Stiltz
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